U15 Girls Division Champions

2nd Division

FSC ’02 Black (U15 Girls)

Smith Lake Park, Stafford, VA

8 out of 12 FSC teams opened their spring/summer tournament play on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. At the end of Day 1, three teams (U15 Girls, U13 Boys, U12 Girls) were leading their brackets and were poised to make a championship run. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans and unleashed a storm that saturated the grass fields and ended the U13 Boys and U12 Girls runs. Only three teams (U15 Girls, U14 Boys, and U12 Boys) played on turf and were able to play on Day 2. The U15 Girls were able to continue their journey and ended the tournament 4-0, winning their matches: 2-0, 1-0, 1-0, and 2-1 and won the Green Division Championship. Congratulations to all players and coaches!

*UPDATE 12/1/2017 – The U13 Boys team named Green Division Champions.

Team Name Age Group Record Division
FSC ’01 Red U16 Boys *0-1-1 2nd Div
FSC ’02 Black U15 Girls 4-0 2nd Div
FSC ’03 Red U14 Boys 1-2 1st Div
FSC ’04 Black U13 Boys *2-0 2nd Div
FSC ’05 Black U12 Boys 0-3 2nd Div
FSC ’05 Black U12 Girls *1-0-1 2nd Div
FSC ’06 Red U11 Boys *1-1 2nd Div
FSC ’06 Red U11 Girls *0-2 2nd Div
Overall Club Record 9-9-2
* Day 1 Results Only

   FSC ’03 Red (U14 Boys)    Photo by Kevin Wallace


   FSC ’01 Red (U16 Boys)    Photo by Connie LePrevost

Stafford St. Patrick's Day Tournament

   FSC ’06 Red (U11 Girls)   Photo by Kevin Wallace

Stafford St. Patrick's Day Tournament

   FSC ’06 Red (U11 Boys)   Photo by Kevin Wallace