Are only players from the Frostburg area allowed to play for FSC?
No, FSC welcomes players from the entire tri-state area.

What geographical area does FSC cover?
We are proud to say that our current membership roster includes players from both Allegany County and Garrett County in Maryland; Hyndman area in Bedford County, Pennsylvania; and Mineral County in West Virginia.

What is FSC all about?
Let’s talk about the FSC approach to soccer. Our goal is to teach our players soccer skills so that each child personally continues to improve, as both an individual and as a teammate. We focus on providing excellent skill teaching and we offer varied opportunities for our players to practice and refine these skills in game situations and through actual field play. Roster size is strictly managed to ensure ample playing time for our players. We embrace the concept that while winning is a great goal, the real test of success is measured by player and team improvement. We believe that soccer development is a long-term commitment and for that reason, FSC is committed to every player.

Does FSC do tryouts?
No, Frostburg Soccer Club players do not tryout. Frostburg Soccer Club teams are formed based on invitations to individual players with no relation to geographic location of the player’s primary residence, with the intention of creating teams of roughly equal ability and experience. Factors considered in team formation include but are not limited to years experience playing soccer both in the club and with other organizations, siblings already playing in the club, recommendations of existing club members and skill level. Once a member of the FSC Club, players are invited to return each season, provided the player remains in good standing.

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What type of playing opportunities are offered by FSC?

FSC provides opportunities for our players to compete in both indoor and outdoor events. During the winter months, our Club competes in tournaments and league play at Pro Performance in Morgantown. We also participate in outdoor tournaments in the spring and summer. Tournaments this year include Gettysburg Memorial Day Cup, Mid-Atlantic Tournament in Germantown, and the Penn State Kick for Kids Tournament at State College. Throughout the year, our organizers also try to provide opportunities for our players to benefit from “Friendly Matches” with other regional clubs.

How much travel is involved?
To participate in tournaments and league play, there will be trips to Morgantown (approximately five dates), and we will be participating in outdoor tournaments in Gettysburg, Germantown and State College. As “Friendly Matches” are arranged, travel will also be likely to locations within an hour or two radius. Please note that schedules are subject to change, and at the discretion of the Board, other playing opportunities may be added.

What are the costs to play for FSC?
Frostburg Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that attempts to keep costs at a minimum. Player fees pay for: MSYSA registration, player uniforms, tournament registrations, equipment, field maintenance, office expenses, referee fees and bookkeeper fees.

In addition to the regular club-wide tournament schedule, the Club may allow individual teams to attend additional tournaments. All costs associated with these additional tournaments are the responsibility of the individual teams and the players attending the tournament.

“Friendly Matches” may require travel costs that are in addition to the stated player fees. Additional training and other playing opportunities may be offered by the club from time to time. All expenses will be in addition to the player fees. Coaching fees for the Technical Director will be an additional fee paid by the player during the sessions attended. Coaching sessions by the Technical Director are optional and only open to existing club members.

Teams that practice at Glendenning Park or other non-public facilities may be required to pay additional facilities user fees. The team coach or team manager will be responsible for determining these fees as established by the facility and dividing appropriately between team members as well as collecting these fees and submitting to the appropriate authority.

Travel, lodging, food and any other costs associated with attending an event are additional costs and are in addition to the player fees.

How often do teams practice?
During the winter months, our teams try to practice at least once a week. As the weather breaks and we can begin outdoor practices, the coaches will try to increase the number of practices to twice a week. Practice frequency is subject to the availability of practice locations, and may vary from week to week.

What do I need to do if my child is interested in playing for FSC?
FSC is a great experience for that type of player who is passionate about soccer and who wants to grow through instructional coaching and competitive field play. Club soccer requires a commitment from the player and the player’s family. If you think your player and your family may be interested in FSC, you need to talk to one of our Board Members or Coaches.

How do I get more information about FSC?
Please feel free to contact our Club through our FSC internet site. You may send requests and questions to
Photo by Krista Wilson